CROSS·POINT | The smart access to SAP for everyone


CROSS·POINT means access to SAP documents and SAP materials for all employees regardless of their SAP knowledge, from everywhere, anytime. Mobile, modern, and intuitive.

Your SAP system not only covers the company’s main business processes. It also contains valuable information, knowledge, and experiences from diverse departments. Did you know that this useful data is often exclusive to your in-house SAP experts due to the complexity and intricacy of the SAP system?

CROSS·POINT faces this challenge by simplifying data access to everybody in the company. CROSS·POINT enables users to search through the whole data stock of the SAP system in no time, getting valuable information on SAP documents and materials. Users can also intuitively create documents in the SAP system with a few clicks only – and without having any specific SAP know-how.

Straight to the point with smart tool for easy access to SAP data

Latest webcast shows: DSC solution CROSS·POINT simplifies use of SAP data and contains everything that is important to executives and corporate departments.