Release Notes

Improvements (3 changes) #

  • Network error message (CROSSPOINT-250)
  • Added a proper status if the content server cannot find any content (CROSSPOINT-201)
  • Removed the plus sign in search field “More” button (CROSSPOINT-258)

Corrections (8 changes) #

  • Document status was not displayed if the internal and external ID were different (CROSSPOINT-247)
  • Same search query was occasionally sent twice (CROSSPOINT-187)
  • Search buttons layout breaking when wrapping over multiple lines (CROSSPOINT-249)
  • Missing home folder in explorer (CROSSPOINT-255)
  • Full text search not searching in classification values (CROSSPOINT-272)
  • Elasticsearch background tasks not completing while indexing is ongoing (CROSSPOINT-275)
  • Create index step in Elasticsearch migration to use shard and replica count from configuration (CROSSPOINT-285)
  • Display of a horizontal scroll bar in the folder contents window if not all fields fit on the screen to avoid overflowing list height (CROSSPOINT-120)