Release Notes

New features (2 changes) #

  • Enhancements in logic for full text search field. “Boost of Hits” can now be configured to appear higher in search result list (CROSSPOINT-229)
  • Possibility to define and set a default bookmark for all users (CROSSPOINT-223)

Improvements (9 changes) #

  • Better handling of original viewing and download, when content server returns invalid header by using proxy mode (CROSSPOINT-196)
  • Consistent behavior of PDF actions in the various windows (CROSSPOINT-196)
  • Filters stored in a bookmark will no longer have a button to remove it. Filters added by the user though, can still be removed (CROSSPOINT-223)
  • Color of the button for adding a new bookmark was changed to be more consistent with the “More“ button of the filter (CROSSPOINT-223)
  • Default column layout for search results will be restored when leaving a bookmark (CROSSPOINT-223)
  • Moved full text search into line of filters (CROSSPOINT-223)
  • Full text search field now has a default text to clarify its purpose (CROSSPOINT-223)
  • Icon and tooltip for “View File” was changed to be more consistent with similar actions (CROSSPOINT-223)
  • Action button “Explorer” was renamed to “View Details” (CROSSPOINT-223)

Security (1 change) #

  • Secured and encrypted in between server communication between CROSS·POINT and Elasticsearch clusters (CROSSPOINT-159)

Corrections (6 changes) #

  • Japanese ERA as well as Iranian date and time settings throw exceptions when reading user details (CROSSPOINT-194)
  • Converter and communication errors when indexing characters (CROSSPOINT-182)
  • Touch mode causing layout issues in action column of search result (CROSSPOINT-78)
  • Naming consistency – Column “Descriptions” in search result table was renamed to “All Descriptions” (CROSSPOINT-223)
  • Naming consistency – Column “Longtexts” in search result table was renamed to “All Longtexts” (CROSSPOINT-223)
  • Unexpected error in classification details (CROSSPOINT-199)

Removals (1 change) #

  • The dynamic list of values for filters is no longer intersected against the search results (CROSSPOINT-223)